- Every student is scheduled to have 5 private lessons with their assigned teacher for the duration of the festival.

- Each private lesson is 1 hour long.

- There will be at least one combined studio class for each instrument throughout the festival.


- Each student will be assigned at least 1 chamber group during the festival.

- There will be daily rehearsals for each chamber group.

- Each group will receive 4 chamber music coachings.

- Each group will have chamber music coachings from multiple faculty members.

- Each group is required to participate in the HIMF Chamber Music Concert Series.


- Our festival believes in the true beauty of live music making, so there will be many performance opportunities at HIMF.

- Hunter International Music Festival has created 3 different concert series: HIMF Music Salons at Red Barn Recital Hall, HIMF Young Artists Series Concerts at Weisberg Concert Hall, and HIMF Chamber Music Series Concerts at Weisberg Concert Hall.

- Each concert series focuses on a unique perspective of the performing experience.

- Every student is welcome to perform in all of the concert series.

- We aim to inspire our students in every way possible. In addition to our world-class faculty members, HIMF also invites guest artists during the festival to give concerts and master classes. This year, we are excited and honored to welcome the Lysander Piano Trio to play a concert and give a master class at our festival in the summer of 2024.
- In addition to all of the performance events, Hunter International Music Festival also offers lectures and workshops given from experts around the world, whether that be from our own faculty or a guest lecturer.